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Good dental hygiene is more than just a pretty smile

Dental health pic

“Brush your teeth at least twice a day.” “Floss regularly.” “Don’t eat too many sweets.” We’ve all heard these words of wisdom about dental health, but how many of us really follow them? When I was at the holistic dentist having my teeth READ MORE...

Vitamin B12—Why do we need it and where can we get it?

3d kids are dragging Vitamin B in white.

Being health-conscious, I’m certain you’ve faced the question of getting enough B12. There are reports of anemia, heart attacks, memory loss, impotence, depression, and even genetic damage, all because we might be deficient in vitamin B12. This is READ MORE...

Is Turmeric Really Good for You?


Lately I’ve been seeing headlines about turmeric everywhere I turn. Lots of foods at the health food stores now include this vibrantly yellow spice. And it was also highlighted at many of the booths during the health and wellness expo I recently READ MORE...