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Illuminating-U is your home for unlimited self-discovery, exploring life purpose, awakening, evolving, expanding and learning. It was designed for all wisdom seekers and finders.

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on the map to the universe, you’ve come to the right place. We are so glad you’re here.

Probiotic or Antibiotic?

probiotic antibiotic

I’ve come to believe we live in a very “anti-biotic” world. How do I mean that? It seems that everything must be disinfected, sterilized, fumigated, decontaminated, sanitized, purified, or pasteurized! Our concern about germs, viruses, fungi, and READ MORE...

Peace of Mind Is Not a Faraway Place

Follow your heart

Well, we just zipped past Christmas and New Year’s celebrations—or was that Thanksgiving and all those bargain gifts to buy or not for the holidays? Oh, I almost forgot … resolutions? You know, the promises we tend to make about all the fantastic and READ MORE...

The Breakfast of Champions

Peter breakfast

Many of you have asked about what I eat for breakfast. I recall that when I was a youngster, there was a cereal that advertised itself as “The Breakfast of Champions.” It used to feature well-known athletes on the box. Well, as a child, I certainly READ MORE...