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Water and longevity

water newsletter

The water ran pure and icy cold. My cousin Paul and I had been playing in the cool woods on a hot day in July on our grandparents’ farm, pretending we were scouts on a mission. We just loved exploring nature and looking for Indian arrowheads. You READ MORE...

Why Do Three out of Four People Suffer from Stress?


A recent report from the American Institute of Stress reported that 77 percent of Americans experience physical symptoms of stress. See if any of these symptoms are familiar to you: fatigue, headache, and upset stomach, often accompanied by anger, READ MORE...

Top ten tips to achieve an alkaline-acid balance

pH test strip

When I first started researching healthy dietary choices about 18 years ago, I became confused. Many of the foods I’d been taught were healthy turned out not to be as healthy as I’d thought. I was also getting conflicting information about what was READ MORE...